Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your background, age or stage, you are always welcome at Park Church.
If you visit us on a Sunday you will find a mixed group of young and old from many different situations - you'll be sure to fit in somewhere.

Below are some common questions you may have if it is your first time in a church.
If you have any more queries, dont hesitate to email us at , or ask one of the helpful people who will greet you at the door on a Sunday morning.

How long will the service last?

The service starts at 10.30am and is usually finished by 12 noon.

How should I dress?

Whatever you are comfortable wearing. Most people are casually dressed, some folks will be in suit and tie, others wearing their favourite jumper and jeans. We have no expectations.

What sort of person goes?

There are families, teenagers, singles, couples, retired, students, children, pensioners, babies - folks from all walks of life.
You may well see a familiar face or two if you live in the Uddingston or Bothwell area. Some members have been worshipping at Park all their lives while others have recently joined with us.
No matter whether you are a committed Christian, used to go to church a long time ago, or are seeking something more to life - there is room for all.

What should I expect when I arrive?

Someone will greet you at the front door and hand you a small flyer with information about the service. You are welcome to sit wherever you like - there are no seats that are designated for certain people. If you would like to bring a money offering to God as part of your worship, there are some offering plates just inside the inner glass doors. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the person on the door.
Church Interior

What happens on a Sunday Morning?

To begin, We spend some time singing praise to God - the words are always up on the video screen - feel free to join in if you feel comfortable. We sing a mixture of older, traditional hymns and modern praise, led by piano, organ, or praise band.

If you have children, there is a space for babies and primary kids to play at the front left hand side of the church, and they are most welcome to join. Just before the sermon, the babies, children and teenagers go through to the back hall and upstairs lounge to Park Kids - a fun time filled with singing some more songs, playing games, making a craft, and engaging with the Bible in groups of own age.

We always open and read the Bible. Feel free to bring your own (we use the NIV version), or there are Bibles in church which you can find near your seat. There is teaching from the Bible, usually brought by the minister, either in one single sermon or broken up into two or three parts interspersed by a song. After the teaching there is then a final song and an invitation to stay for refreshments in the hall after the service.

The first Sundays in March, June, September and December are known as 'Communion Sundays', where we celebrate and remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. These services might be slightly different from usual but are by no means private – you are always welcome to join with us, whoever and whenever.